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Machine Simulator 3D

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Machine Simulator

Machine Simulator 3D simulates the creation of three-dimensional machines by means of pneumatic or electric and linear or rotary components.

Machine Simulator 3D simulates the animation of equipments through the virtual use of the Step 7 - 300 / 400 language by PLC Siemens.

The Step 7 Language operates by means of Statement Lists and Graphic Programming.

The Mnemonic Set Simatic (AWL Statement Lists and KOP graphic programming) as well as the International (STL Statement Lists and LAD graphic programming) are available.

Note: So as to semplify and ease the exposition, this Program will be illustrated only through the International mode.

The program Machine Simulator 3D can operate in both the Run Off and the Run On mode.
In the Run Off mode the user can perform the hereunder operations:

- Install a virtual PLC (not visible on the screen).
- Install levers, pushbuttons and lamps on the screen.
- Install pneumatic and electric linear actuators on the screen.
- Install pneumatic and electric rotary actuators on the screen.
- Type the STL Statement List.

Once the above operations have been carried out the user may press and move on to the Run On mode. Simulation takes place in this mode:

- The user operates the levers and the pushbuttons that he previously installed on the screen.
- The program puts into effect the animation of the virtual actuators following the indications provided in the statement list.
- The user can thoroughly control from the boards the status of the timers, the counters and the memories inserted in the statement list.

To return to the RUN Off mode, press once again .

Press the button to access to the window dedicated to the management of the LAD schemes:

- The user creates the LAD scheme.
- The program converts the above mentioned scheme into the STL language.
- When the LAD management window is closed, the statement list which you have created may be launched through the RUN On mode.

Virtual Equipment components

- 128 Input/Output digital modules from 0 to 127: each module may either be of 4 or 8 points
- 100 Lamps of five different colors
- 100 Bistable switches and 100 monostable switches
- 100 Pneumatic, electric and fixed linear actuators
- 100 Pneumatic, electric and fixed rotary actuators

Performed files

Working with Machine Simulator 3D means operating on two types of files: those relative to the statement list, with a .lis extension, and those relative to the equipment which have a .eqp extension. Usually once an equipment has been created and saved on a file, various statement lists can be set up each of these will enable the equipment to carry out distinct operations.

Once the complete program (not the Demo) has been installed, in its folder there is another folder called Archives which contains .eqp files of demo equipment as well as .lis files of demo statement lists.
If you want to launch a simulation with the attached files, you first need to install the necessary equipment, this means clicking on the Open Equipment button and selecting, for example from the Archives folder, the actuators.eqp file. Then click on the Open STL button and select from the Archives folder one of the statement lists created for that particular equipment, for example the Com_01.lis. At this point, to perform the simulation, press to set yourself in the Run On mode, then click on the equipment levers as well as on the equipment buttons .

The files which are attached to the complete program (not the Demo) in the Archives folder are currently displayed together with the matching indication statement list-equipment-help file.

The here mentioned Help files contain descriptive notes, graphic displays, diagrams and commented statement lists.

Example of help file:
Cartesian robot programming (cartes.hlp)


Note: To simulate pliers Machine Simulator 3D uses two actuators without rod with positive stroke in same direction but opposite way.

Graphic display

Commented statement list

Demo files

In the Machine Simulator 3D Demo version it is not possible to save and open .eqp and .lis files nor to set yourself in the Run On phase and start the simulation. However, so as to view the simulation, some demo files have been loaded in the program. These are accessible by following the hereafter procedure: select the entry Demo from the menu, then choose one of the various options present. It is not necessary to click on the button , the simulation starts automatically. To exit after having viewed the simulations, select again the entry Demo from the menu followed by the option Close.

Demo 1: Transfer line programming

Demo 2: Loading-Unloading machine tool

Demo 3: Work isle programming

Recommended requirements for the installation

- Operating system: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
- Processor: 1 GHz or over.
- Ram: 1 GB minimum.

Machine Simulator